Trikes/bikes we have for test-riding

In Stock-- ICE Sprint RS 26, ICE AdvenutureHD RS20 with Shimano Steps e-assist; AZUB Ti-Fly 20, AZUB TRIcon 26; Terratrike Rover x8; Terratrike Rover i8 tandem with IPS(not assembled), Terratrike Rambler N380, Terratrike Traveler N380, Terratrike Rambler EVO; Trident E-Titan; KMX Kompact; Catrike Pocket; Hase Kettweisel, Trets; Greenspeed Magnum XL; BIKES-- Rans Fusion (used)


In Stock trikes/bikes:

  AZUB  Ti-Fly20; TRIcon 26

Catrike Pocket

 ICE Sprint 26RS

ICE Adventure HD RS 20 with e-assist (Shimano STEPS)

KMX Kompact   

Terratrike Rover x8;  Traveler N380; 

Rambler N380; Rover i8 tandem with IPS(not assembled); 

Terratrike RamblerEVO 

Trident E-Titan 

Hase Kettweisel; Hase Trets

Greenspeed Magnum XL

RANS Fusion ST 

 Buddybike Sport Deluxe 

coming this winter-- , HP Velo Scorpion,  Cruzbike, Catrike Dumont

  ^^last updated February 14, 2018^^


Seat height  16"  and over

Terratrike Rover, Trident Spike, Trident Titan, Hase trikes

Seat height 12" and under

Trident Stowaway,  All Performer, Catrike 700,  Road, Pocket, Expedition, All ICE,  All KMX,

Adjustable seat height

ALL Trident;  2" Riser available for AZUB and 4" riser for all ICE Adventure 

Weight limit 325 Lbs. and over

Trident TITAN (to 400), ICE Adventure HD (to 325), Terratrike ROVER (to 400), Sunseeker EZ-3 USX HD (to 400), Greenspeed Magnum XL (to 450)

Folding or separable

ALL Trident;  ICE Adventure, Sprint, Full Fat; All AZUB; Catrike Trail, 5.5.9. Dumont; Hase Kettweisel, Lepus, Terratrike Traveler

Extra compact fold 

Terratrike Traveler;  AZUB Trikes, Greenspeed Magnum

X-Seam range starting at/under 32"

Sunseeker Eco-tad, KMX K-3, Kompact, Gekko FXS

X Seam under 36"

KMX K-3, Kompact, Typhoon, Tornado; Terratrike Rambler, Traveler; Trident Spike (adapted), Catrike Pocket


ICE Adventure RS, FS Sprint RS, FS;  Catrike Road, Dumont, Performer Trike-X, Azub TRIcon, AZUB Ti-FLY; Trident Trekker; Hase 

Electric assist

Ice, Trident, AZUB, HPVelotechnik, Hase have available systems (factory installed).

most other trikes can have an e-sytem added.

26" rear wheel option or standard

All ICE, Terratrike Sportster TourII, Azub, Trident Transport, Performer Trike-E, JC70, Trike-X, KMX Venom

As hand cycle

Greenspeed Magnum,  Hase, Spinov8 distribution