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Why ride 'bent?
Why a trike?

Here is a link to Ice Trike's very handy 'kite-check' - a page of good information of things to check before you ride:

If you know of an recumbent or trike event in Ontario - please let us know so we can mention it here! - use the contact page to reach us.

Are there any Recumbent Bike groups in Ontario?

Here is one on Facebook:  3RH (Recreational Recumbent Riders of Hamilton) - We try to have a full moon ride every month and keep each other informed on events in and around Hamilton and Ontario.

Facebook group for south western Ontario :  South Coast Recumbents (

and an international one also on Facebook: Recumbent Trikes Group (

Ottawa area group

Please send me details of any you know of, so I can add them.

Learn more about Trikes and 'bents:

Bentrider has reviews on different trikes and recumbents.  You will also find a wrap of RCC2016 along with a' for sale' section, a good place to fine used trikes or recumbents.

Laidback Bike Report:

From a happy Trident Titan owner:
Stan (age 66 - Starting weight 300 pounds - difficulty walking for exercise because of foot problems)  Loving my Titan!  Loving my new found freedom!  After 3 weeks have lost 15 pounds already!

Learn more about what trikes have done for others:
You can read stories on  (trike) (
Maria Lijerstam's journey to the South Pole by ICE trike)